This is the story of a guy who reveals his psychic ability in a shocking display. His friends freak out, and they all go on their own journeys of "enlightenment." It turns out that people and events are uncannily interconnected, there are signposts along the way if you know what to look for, and some journeys are prettier than others.


hardcover limited edition

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"Loved it!" -- MF, Newcastle, England

"The Sixth Sense meets Dumb and Dumber." -- BR, Toronto, Canada

"Funniest thing I've read in a long time."  -- MS, Ottawa, Canada

"Reminds me of Kurt Vonnegut." -- BK, Toronto, Canada

"If the characters from Superbad went on a quest for God instead of sex, this novel might have been the result. A buddy caper that is equal parts funny, tender-hearted and absurd."  -- Patricia Pearson, author of Opening Heaven's Door